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If you are looking for an opportunity to develop your own profitable and stable business, distributing log homes is the answer. While conventional housing suffers from economic ups and downs, log homes sales remain consistent because this market segment is defined by consistent values such as tradition and uncompromising demand for real and lasting quality.

Why a LAURENTIEN dealer ? The following reasons are a good beginning:

1. We are a reliable company with over 25 years of experience with a sound knowledge based on field experience. The information flow between dealers and headquarters is good and you can rely on our expertise and count on us to service your clients in the future.

2. We have reliable products tried and tested in extreme conditions since 1974. We can suit a wide range of market needs and preferences:

our log structure is completely pre-cut;
we have a vast choice of log styles and dimensions and the most advanced log wall joinery system on the market;
we have Super-R logs available for high R-value requirements; if requirements change we can adapt quickly;
we have a choice of log corners;
we have experience in building in typhoon, hurricane and earthquake areas.
3. A modest investment is required and is used specifically to get your business quickly started and producing returns.

4. You can rely on us for training and assistance to develop your business.

Basic requirements for a LAURENTIEN Log Homes Dealership

  • Be located in a territory where we have no dealer yet;
    Be accepted after having completed the dealer Confidential Application form;

  • Accept the terms and sign our standard dealership Agreement;

  • Solicit orders for the products made by Laurentien, to the exclusion of all other products we may judge competitive and whose sale may be to our prejudice;

  • At the signature of the agreement invest $ 5,000 covering:

  • a starter kit valued at approximately $2,000 composed of promotional and technical literature and videos, sales aids, product samples etc.
  • approximately $2,000 in co-op advertising in one form or another in your territory during the first year of the agreement;

  • Visit our headquarters in Val-Morin (Quebec) and become well acquainted with our product and be able to install our kits in strict accordance with our requirements. If you cannot install our kits yourself, you shall be responsible for supervising the installation by a third party;
  • Be able to market and sell our kits in accordance with our requirements and advertise using LAURENTIEN Logo;

  • Have a well-equipped office with dedicated business telephone and telefax lines;

  • We strongly suggest that the new dealer purchase a LAURENTIEN Log Home structure to be used as a demonstrator with prospective customers. This log structure should be built within six months of the signature of the agreement and a discount will be paid in accordance with our Standard Agreement.

  • Take a professional sales course in your own area within three months of becoming an dealer if we judge you do not already have sufficient sales skills.

  • Ideally, our dealers are already networked within their community. They have experience in high-end residential design and construction; they know marketing and sales tactics and they are at ease with a wide variety of clients. Many of their customers will be out of state so, they must be accessible and not always in the field, working.

Necessary office equipment


It is mandatory to have a dedicated telephone line with telephone answering service or voice mail.


Its is mandatory to have a dedicated fax line in operation 24 hours a day. Sending and receiving floor plans and price quotations quickly and efficiently is a must in our business. Shortening the quotation turnaround time can make the difference between gaining or loosing a new customer.