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Two methods of Budget Calculation:

1) By Rule of Thumb method:

Take the Camplex Kit Price and multiply by 3.5 to 4 to arrive at a very ball park turnkey price.

If by OWNER-BUILDER, use a 2 - 2.5 factor.
This assumes the owner-builder will perform all the labor for Carpentry, Painting and Staining, Caulking, Site Cleaning, Tree Removal and will give out subtrade contracts for Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Foundation, Kitchen, Excavation.

2) By Per Square Foot method:

add the total area of the main floor +


the total useable area of the second floor +


half of the square area of all cathedral areas +


Total Square Area =

Multiply the square foot total by the following price level appropriate to your requirements: OWNER
Basic home with good quality materials but nothing fancy.


Good quality finishing with some wood partitions, higher level of moulding finishing, fancier plumbing fixtures, raised panel wood cabinets, upgrade to door hardware, nothing extravagant.


Highest quality finishing on most surfaces, wood and tile floors everywhere, top end custom mouldings, some extravagance, solarium or spa, lots of decks and cathedral areas. Superior exterior architectural appeal, closed in entrance foyer, stone fireplace, many extras.
Price for Budget purposes:

Neither method of budget pricing include land or land develpment costs such as landscaping, sceptic, water, road, hydro lines or poles.
Please note that the above figures are ballpark only and are displayed here to help you calculate if you are playing in the right ballpark. Prices of materials, labor, contractor's markup etc. are regionally motivated and can be quite different than those shown above.